How to Create High Quality Video for Your Course

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If you’re creating a training course or program to sell as a high ticket item, then there is a very good chance that you’ll be including at least some video. Customers like receiving video in these packages because it allows you to convey a lot of information very quickly, it looks professional and it’s engaging and personal.

The only problem? Creating high quality video isn’t easy if you don’t know how. Read on and we’ll look at how you can create video that’s worthy of a high $2,000 price tag!

Use the Best Equipment

The first and easiest way to ensure that your videos are high quality is to use high quality recording equipment. That means you’ll need a high quality camera first and foremost and this should be at least capable of recording 1080p. Ideally, look for something that can record 4K and 60fps.

If you can’t afford to invest that much in your recording equipment though, then don’t worry! One way to get around this problem is simply to ask a friend or someone else that you know to borrow their camera!

Sound quality is equally important. To get this right, you need to record from something other than the built-in mic in the camera. A good example is to use a lapel mic which is actually very cheap. Finally, edit it all together using high quality software like Adobe Premier.


Also highly important is lighting. In fact, this is in some ways more important than the video equipment! What you want is for your videos to look crisp and bright and the best way to accomplish that is by using a light box or similar. Failing that, you can rely on natural light from the windows but this is much less reliable.

Choose a Set

If you want to come across as professional, then it isn’t good enough to record out of your Mum’s living room. You need a set and this can either be a plain white wall, a greenroom (you can find these at some libraries) or a well laid-out backdrop you’ve created. Think about the topic of your video if you’re making a fitness course then a gym is find as long as you use macro mode to blur out the people in the background.

Use Extra Materials

Finally, add the finishing touches by using bottom thirds, a video opener, music etc. This can go a long way to creating that professional sheen!

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